Finding information around the world

Fly to a business meeting in Tokyo and remember only eating sushi with chopsticks from Japanese traditions?

Or don't you know where to look for international partners for your new project?

Don't waste precious time and call us right away. Managers of the CIP Concierge Service will fulfill any of your instructions, provide all the necessary information upon request and help in a difficult situation.

What queries have we already worked with:

  • Business information about the country / region (culture, traditions, cuisine, safety, precautions, economic situation).
  • Principles and norms of business ethics.
  • Information about the quotation of currencies, stocks, stock index.
  • Schedule of flights of planes, trains and other means of transport. Availability of VIP lounges at airports.
  • Contacts of consulates, embassies and visa centers.
  • Required vaccination in the regions. Availability of certain medicines and clinics in the country. And etc.


Submit an annual service for the selected package, and we will inform you on any question.


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