Organization of business events, business trips

Negotiations, conferences, presentations, business meetings with foreign partners, opening new branches - all this is an important part of big business. The CIP concierge service is ready to take over the organization of business trips, business events and conduct them at the highest level.

We are engaged in:

    • Searching, buying tickets for any type of transport.
    • Rent of planes, helicopters, transfers and luxury cars.
    • Serving managers in the VIP lounges of airports.
    • Drawing up an individual route on a business trip.
    • Registration of visas and other necessary documents.
    • Booking hotels, villas and apartments for the leader and groups.
    • Reducing the travel budget.
    • Customer support in emergencies, news organization.
    • Ensuring a high level of security.

Business tourism with us is 100% quality and reliability!


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