Organization of cleaning of apartments and houses

Entrust home cleaning to professionals and free up time for urgent tasks. We will select a cleaning company for you, for whose services you will not be ashamed.

  1. The premises will be cleaned by experienced qualified employees without bad habits. The presence of a health book, positive recommendations and observance of subordination is a must!
  2. During the execution of the work, your property will not be damaged. The staff will be financially responsible for all their actions.
  3. We guarantee the confidentiality of personal information.
  4. When cleaning apartments and cottages, the company will use certified professional equipment of leading brands (vacuum cleaners, steam generators, windshield wipers, extractors, etc.)
  5. The apartment, which will be cleaned, will become not only clean, but also safe for living from the first minutes. At all stages of work, the personnel will use biodegradable chemicals that are safe for people, and for the surfaces to be cleaned, and for the environment.

You will be satisfied with the result!


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