Arrange VIP services at airports

VIP and CIP service at airports is an integral part of the flight for those who value comfort, safety and their time.

No need to wait long for check-in for a flight and baggage, crowd in queues and chat with strangers anywhere in Antalya airport. Your personal assistant will take care of all pre-flight / post-flight procedures and organize time for a comfortable rest or work.


What the VIP service includes:

  1. Reinforced security, providing an increased level of security.
  2. Registration of all documents.
  3. Express passage of customs and passport control. No queues, behind a VIP counter (fast-tracking).
  4. Comfortable business rooms equipped with the necessary communications, children's rooms, cafes, bars. Latest press on request.
  5. Two-way translation into another language.
  6. VIP parking
  7. Assistance in case of unforeseen circumstances (medical indications, legal advice, etc.)

Our team guarantees complete anonymity and compliance with the norms of diplomatic etiquette.


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