Rent a private jet, helicopter, yacht

Look at Mount Etna from a bird's eye view, fly to a conference in Switzerland or dine on an uninhabited island in the Mediterranean Sea ... But you never know what route you can make if your vehicle is a business jet, a sailing yacht or a private helicopter!

In order to become mobile in any situation, it is not necessary to buy such a vehicle. CIP concierge service is ready to help you rent a helicopter, private jet or premium yacht.

We guarantee our clients complete security, confidentiality and feedback 24 hours a day. The vehicles provided for rent are subject to thorough checks and maintenance. For example, aircraft are checked in stages A-, B-, C-, D-check, depending on the regularity and level of difficulty.

Only the best representatives of their profession who have proven a high level of qualifications and have passed a rigorous selection are included in the composition of the accompanying crew of a particular type of transport.


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