Search, selection and interaction with contractors

It is a difficult task to find a contractor who will do it "conscientiously", will not break the deadlines and will not waste money. But if you approach it fully armed, the performer will be found very quickly. CIP Concierge Service staff know how to find a supplier that meets all the requirements.


  • They will study open rating sources, official databases of legal entities, portfolios, reviews, ratings, marketing materials of contractors, information about their business reputation, history of presence in the market.
  • If necessary, will involve professional lawyers. Knowledge of regulations and laws will help in work and a guarantee that you will not be deceived.


As a result of cooperation with us, you will receive a list of contractors with basic estimates, prices and contact information and you will be able to choose the right one among them. After that, we will conclude a work contract and control the work at all stages.


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