Visa obtaining

Visa rules are the same for everyone.

And no matter how much we are indignant about this, we still have to draw up a document before the trip. Our team can save you from the stressful and time-consuming process and take the visa application into their own safe hands.

How does this happen?

  1. We contact you and ask you to prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a visa.
  2. On the appointed day, a professional assistant picks up all the papers and fills out a questionnaire.
  3. Next, we advise you on the application process and accompany you to the visa centre. If you don’t need to submit biometric data to issue a document, then we ourselves will pick up and deliver the passport with a ready-made visa.
  4. We even undertake urgent processing and difficult cases (For example, frequent refusals to obtain a US visa)!

All managers are trained in negotiation skills and business etiquette. We guarantee confidentiality of personal data!


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